our partners



In partnership what we expect from the partners is their intent of bringing in transformation in the lives and status of people through vocational skill training. And that is our key selection factor.

However over the years we have had our learnings and we look towards partners having the following criteria:


For NSDC or partners affiliated to Skill India Mission:

  1. At least 3 years of experience in skill training.
  2. Has some experience of women oriented skill training programs.
  3. Have own running and operational centres in the states of Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Chattisgarh, North East, U.P. Karnataka.
  4. Can show impact and case studies of the programs done in skill training.
  5. Has an MIS system and team to follow processes.
  6. Works towards placement post skilling and has placement tracking.
  7. Having a background in Beauty and Wellness sector will be an added advantage.


For NGO partners:

  1. A strong community connect.
  2. Skill training associated with the overall schemes and objectives of the NGO.
  3. Capacity to scale (not limited only to one centre in a city).
  4. Has experience of working with women and livelihoods.
  5. Has 80G or 35AC or 12A or all.
  6. Has 3 years of externally audited reports.
  7. Have a strong commitment to be associated and scale for the next 3 years.In case working in disability sector and trying to connect vocational training as a livelihood option for disabled candidates.

We have our nodal partners in few states and in most cases we would like you to get affiliated to the nodal partnership. The nature of support and handholding will remain the same.