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Last year the Godrej Salon-i program reached out to women in the beauty & wellness sector in various parts of the country –

Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagaland & Bihar who aspired to become entrepreneurs by giving them a platform which was named the “Beauty-Preneur” program. The “Beauty-Preneur” program aimed to incubate entrepreneurship in women in the area of beauty & wellness, thereby enabling these women to start training other girls as well as empowering these women through life skills and entrepreneurship. The model of the beauty-preneur project consisted of entrepreneurship, beauty and life skills as core components of the trainings.

Throughout the journey of the program last year there were various challenges faced which we would not have overcome without the support we received from all our partners. Despite all the challenges we succeeded in training __ number of women in the program who are proudly certified as “Beauty-Preneurs” today.

The encouraging stories of our “Beauty-Preneurs” are proof that the core values and goals of our program have helped us succeed in crossing the traditional barriers set for women. These women bravely set out on their own as women entrepreneurs, rallying support for each other, breaking barriers and bringing on a revolution. We supported their movement, recognized their efforts and gave these women a boost through our “Beauty-Preneur” program.


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