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Exclusion manifests itself in diverse ways. More so in the case of persons with disability (PWDs).

While disability advocacy is critical, the journey to sensitize duty bearers, mainly policy makers and those at the helm would be a long and arduous one.

A small but meaningful step in the direction would be to enable and empower PW Ds build their sense of personal worth, develop critical thinking, and be effective in their self-advocacy.

Skill Ability, a board game, creates such an opportunity for an inclusive space for PW Ds and all others to come together. A set of activity/situation cards provoke a rethink and challenge the participants to negotiate their way forward. In the process the participants get to visit a few core areas - self, family, friends, society, workplace and entitlements. Inherent in the design is the spirit to play as teams as also support and encourage opposing teams making it a win-win approach.

The game was first introduced with trainers from Youth4Jobs as part of a five-day workshop in Bengaluru from April 8 to 12, 2017. As part of Godrej Good & Green initiative to integrate life skills with disability, Skill Ability is conceptualized and facilitated by Vikalp Kriya.

Skill Ability is a work in progress, with the belief that it will grow as you play!


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