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As salon employees belong to the informal sector, they are subjected to highly irregular working conditions. With no minimum wages or salary regulation, frequent job migration without benefits, lack of prevention against sexual harassment and no job security these employees mostly rely on informal relationships with their employers, especially in smaller salons.

28% of the workforce in India consists of women. They are largely concentrated in the informal sector and are engaged in vocations that are characterized by low earning, low productivity, poor working conditions and a basic lack of social protection. Lack of skill building and empowerment are the main challenges faced by these women working in an informal sector

To highlight stories of women in the beauty and wellness industry Godrej Salon-i collaborated with the Feminism in India team. Throughout the month of September, we highlighted stories of these women through our social media channels. There were stories of women who faced exploitation at work or had to leave their jobs as they were not allowed to step out of the house and were burdened by family responsibilities. Additionally, through comic strips, we created awareness about women who faced sexual harassment and gender discrimination at work.


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